We know lots about hair. We would like to share our knowledge with you. Because we want the best for your hair. We follow trends closely and keep up with developments in the field of professional technology, coloring and care every minute of the day. And we are constantly inspired by the best people from the fashion and hair business.


Because that's who we are. We are ambitious. We believe in the ambition of people and we believe that ambition leads to the best treatments, products and results, again that is the reason why we work with the self-employed. We are also constantly looking for ambitious hairdressers who want nothing more than just being good at their job. Our ambition is to get the most out of your hair. Your hair shows who you are. That's why we're taking it to the next level. Because life is too short to walk by it as if you don't care.


Making every day a good hair day. Of course we already do this through the quality of our work, we already show a little bit what else we have in store for Almere. That is why we are already seen as the hairdresser of Almere. Together with our cooperating hairdressers and beautician, we make Almere shine. We do this in our hair salon in the schoutstraat in Almere. Because the best hairdresser in Almere is in the schoutstraat.