Nice cuts, great care!

Every person has a specific interest, lifestyle, hobby, and so on. At Cuts' n Care we try to do something with that, in order to create a unique look. We give you the ultimate style advice and tips to keep track of your look yourself. We do this in dry hair to show exactly what you have made of it. Makes sense right?

Men's cuts
Washing and cutting 35,70
Beard 13,4
Hair clipper coupe (max 20 min, excl. washing) 24,50
Cover 5 (Transparent men's color) 24
Women's cuts
Washing and cutting 35,70
Washing, cutting and brush-drying 47,00
Washing, cutting and blow-drying 58,80
Steampod treatment (Ultra style) 41
Washing, blow-drying 38,00
Washing, diffuser 17,00
Out growth coloring 47,50
Out growth coloring Inoa (vegan, no amonia) 49,50
Out growth and balancing (Out growth and lengths) 62,00
Semi-permanent color (Rinsing) from 38,00
Bleach (with After coloring) 89,50
High / lowlights part (up to 8 packages) 41,50
High / lowlights part (up to 16 packages) 57,50
High / lowlights part (up to 24 packages) 75,00
High / lowlights whole / balayage 99,00
Cap highlights 44,6
Henna / Botanea from 52,50
Elumen coloring 46
*Styling products are included with all treatments.
Conditioner (one united) 6,00
Intensive care (mask) 14,50
Pro-Longer recovery treatment 24,5
Reduce extreme recovery (very intensive) 24,5
Olaplex recovery treatment with protein mask 44,8
Transformation (permanent) 90
X-tenso (reverse permanent) 47,9
*Styling products are included with all treatments.