View the current promotions at Cuts 'n Care, hair salon in Almere.

Girlfriends promotion: 20% discount!

Have you received a discount coupon with a 20% discount for a treatment at Cuts 'n Care? Read the conditions below:

How does the promotion work?

You tear off the left card (seen from the text side) and give it to a friend, acquaintance or neighbor ... It does not matter to whom you give the voucher as long as you are sure that the person receiving the discount voucher has not been to Cuts'n Care before, or has not been for more than 2 years. You keep the right card (seen from the text side) yourself.


You can undergo a treatment together with Cuts 'n Care, but this can also be done separately. The intention is that the person who gives you the discount first had an appointment with Cuts' n Care before you, as an existing customer, can hand in your card for the 20% discount for your next treatment.

* You will receive the 20% discount as soon as the cards come back together and checked on the numbers.

Students discount (10% on all treatments!)

For clients under 20 years of age, a discount of 10% applies to all treatments! So do you want to be cut, dyed or undergo a different type of hair treatment and are you younger than 20? Then come to Cuts 'n Care in Almere and take advantage of this fun promotion.